1、平易近人含微笑,上书“合众为一”表示美利坚合众国由多州组成,使客人感到随便, cheerful generosity is not monotone;自由随便无拘束,彼比从不互客套;Liberal unfettered bigger than never out of each other. that is lucky symbol,一般以50公分左右间距为好. 他们喜欢白猫;过头的谦虚可能会被他们误认为你心怀鬼胎, and talks like a hand gesture; Keen to maintain a certain distance from each other. for the general good spacing to 50 centimeters, in order to be friendly, casual visitors are not binding,不受约束。They like freedom of action without restriction. 惯于晚睡晚起,有拖拖拉拉的习惯;Traditional hospitality,如,不拘束,不愿与人搞弯绕;UCO as a"。Frank and sincere love respect and is unwilling to engage in bending around;Hi romantic novel character;坦率诚挚爱直言;走路要让长者和妇女走在右边; Walk at the right to let the elderly and women,喜欢边谈边用手势手划;彼此间乐于保持一定的距离, there are the following characteristics 。They claim to hospitality,他们也喜欢对自己的情况据实说出. Liangzhao holding an olive branch and arrows symbol of the breakdown of peace and the use of force,认为白猫可以给人带来运气。They like the cat that cat can bring luck.美国人欣赏白头鹰,而不习惯在餐馆请客, air-conditioned room in the summer of happy meals. 喜欢简明而又富有生机的图案; Too much emphasis may be modest and they mistakenly believe that you took. 仓促产在公共场所就座时Social practices : American social customs general characteristics can be summarized in the following words :In life。Even self-introduction, they like to say the name of their situation, the more real the better. 对那些谦虚. 认为它威武强悍,人们把它敬为国鸟, usually sitting on the right side of the elderly and women, consistent in seeking truth from facts。Americans appreciate the bald eagle, late or on time but five to fifteen minutes.美国人昵爱白色,认为白色是纯洁的象征。Its crown as the top , sincere people. 过份的客套对他们来说是一种无能的表现。They very talkative. Huang mouth gripping reading : "。Too courteous to them is an incompetent performance、为人诚挚。Americans romantic character:梅、兰、牡丹等。Like concise and dynamic designs, such as : the United States, New Zealand, such as peonies.美国人与客人见面时,一般都以握手为礼。Americans meet with the guests, usually for a handshake ceremony. 他们习惯手要握得紧,眼要正视对方,微弓身。They used a strong hand to shake, to address each other's eyes, bend my back and my Micro. 认为这样才算是礼貌的举止。That is a courtesy that the moves. 一般同女人握手美国人都喜欢斯文。Americans like gentle shake hands with women in general.社交礼仪:美国人在社交场合与客人握手时,还有这样一些习惯和规矩:如果两人是异性,要待女性先伸出手后,男性再伸手相握;如果是同性,通常应年长人先伸手给年轻人,地位高的伸手给地位低的,主人伸手给客人。Social etiquette : Americans shook hands with the guests at social occasions, and that there are some common rule : if two people are members of the opposite sex. Female first to extend a helping hand to you after the hand shake hands with another male; If homosexual normally be asking for the young people get older, asking for the status of low-status, the owner asking for the guests. 他们另外一种礼节是亲吻礼。Another is a courtesy that they kissed ceremony. 这是在彼此关系很熟的情况下施的一种礼节。This is very familiar with the situation in the relations between the implementation of a courtesy.美国人和拉丁族人不一样,他们的性格更为内敛,尤其是陌生人之间,一见面的话题其实很少,只有顺利渡过开场白这一关,才会有更多的话题。Latin Americans, and people do not like their character more subdued, especially among strangers. In fact, the topic rarely met, only weathered opening of the community will have more of the town. 但是很多外国人不了解美国人交往的特点,要不就是觉得美国人智商有问题,要不就是被美国人误认为粗鲁无礼,结果无法进行更深入的交流。But many foreigners do not understand the characteristics of contacts between Americans, we should feel that the Americans have IQ, Americans mistakenly believe that the job is being taken as rudeness, not to conduct more in-depth exchanges. 但要怎么做才合适呢?But how do appropriate?初次见面,当然是要握手寒暄。Our first meeting, of course, to shake hands and exchange greetings. 这个寒暄,在英语里就叫small talk。The pleasantries, in English called small talk. 寒暄的目的,就是为了打破僵局(Break the ice),让双方增进了解,寻找共同话题。Pleasantries The aim is to break the deadlock (Break the ice) so that the two sides enhance mutual understanding, find a common topic. 但是和其他地方的人一样,美国人也有友好的,不友好的,有乐意和你多聊聊的,有正烦着,不想多谈的。But, like other places, and that Americans have a friendly, unfriendly, and you are ready to chat, there is a trouble. do not want to talk about. 因此,学会从对方的回答中看出他/她的友好程度,才能知进知退,百战不殆。Therefore, the answer to learn from each other to see his / her friendship level, we can know the knowledge into retreating military is invincible.和美国人作生意,要注意美国的商务礼俗和美国社会的一些习俗。Americans do business and to the attention of the American Business Etiquette in American society and custom. 美国人不象英国人那样总要衣冠楚楚,而是不大讲究穿戴。Americans are not always dressed like Britain, but wearing very articulate. 他们穿衣以宽大舒适为原则,自己爱穿什么就穿什么。They wear comfortable with the principle of clemency, what on what to wear their own easily. 别人是不会议论或讥笑的。The others are not statements or taunts. 春秋季,美国人一般下身着长裤,上身在衬衣外面再穿一件毛衣或夹克,宽松舒适,无拘无束。Spring and autumn, Americans generally under wearing trousers, a shirt in the upper outside then going through a sweater or jacket, relaxed and comfortable, nothing. 夏天里穿短裤和着短裙者大有人在。Summer wear shorts and mini skirts with examples. 在旅游或海滨城市,男的穿游泳裤,女的着三点式游泳衣,再披上一块浴巾,就可以逛大街或下饭馆了。In terms of tourism or coastal city, the men wearing suit, a three-woman swimming suit, and then put a piece bath towel. Guangdaijie on or under a restaurant. 但正式场合,美国人就比较讲究礼节了。But formal occasions, the Americans are more meticulous and courtesy.接见时,要讲究服饰,注意整洁,穿着西装较好,特别是鞋要擦亮,手指甲要清洁。Meeting, dress should be paid attention to cleanliness, wearing suits better, especially to polish shoes, and fingernails to clean up. 美国商人较少握手,即使是初次见面,也不一定非先握手不可,时常是点头微笑致意,礼貌地打招呼就行了。American businessman less handshake, even if this is our first meeting, is not necessarily non-first handshake, nod and smile often presents courtesy greetings on the list. 男士握女士的手要斯文,不可用力。Ms. men shook hands to Sven, not forced. 如果女士无握手之意,男士不要主动伸手,除非女士主动。If the President means no handshake, the men not to take the initiative in asking for, unless President initiative. 握手时不能用双手。Can not shake hands with their own hands. 上下级之间,上级先伸手握手。Thus, between superiors first hand handshake. 长幼之间,长者先伸手握手。Ages between first hand to shake hands with the elderly. 主宾之间,主人先伸手。Among the principal guests, the master first hand. 男性之间,最忌互相攀肩搭臂。Men between the shoulders As long climb up each other arm. 美国人谈话时不喜欢双方离得太近,惯于两人的身体保持一定的距离。Americans do not like to talk from the two sides are too close, they are used to maintain a certain distance from the body. 一般应保持120~150厘米之间,最少也不得小于50厘米。Between 120-150 cm should be maintained, at least not less than 50 cm.在美国,12岁以上的男子有享有;先生;的称号,但多数美国人不爱用先生、夫人、小姐、女士之类的称呼,认为哪样做太郑重其事了。In the United States, men over the age of 12 are entitled to; ; The title, but most Americans do not like to use, his wife, Miss Ms. such terms, saying that the far too earnest. 他们喜欢别人直接叫自己的名字,并视为这是亲切友好的表示。They want to directly ask their names, and said as it is cordial and friendly. 美国人很少用正式的头衔来称呼别人。Americans rarely use the formal title to refer others.正式头衔一般只用于法官、军管、医生、教授、宗教界领袖等人物 。Judges generally only for the official title of military control, doctors, professors, religious leaders and other figures. 尤其是行政职务。Particularly administrative positions. 美国人从来不以此来称呼,如***局长、***经理.美国海关的人员总把"请;和"谢谢;挂在嘴上,请你打开箱子、请你把护照拿出来、检查完毕时,还会说;祝你旅途愉快;或;今天天气真好;等客套话。Americans have not learned to refer, for example *** *** manager. United States Customs officers always "Please; and "Thank you; They paid lip service, you open the box, you show your passport and, after inspection, will say; I wish you a pleasant journey; or; Today the glorious weather; such kind words.美国的女店员和餐馆女侍们讲出的话,使人大有宾至如归之感,即使你一文不花,她们仍是满面堆笑,临走时还笑盈盈地说谢谢你的光临,希望下次再来。American female store and the restaurant waitress and hostesses say, people feel very welcome, even if you are not one flower, They are still looking Zuixiao, they are also smiling to say thank you for coming, hoping for another.公私单位访问前,必须先订约会,最好好在即将抵达时,先通个电话告知。Public, private visit, they must first set date, the imminent arrival of the best Fortunately, this first telephone links. 美国人热情好客,那把仅仅相识一分钟,你就有可能被邀请去看戏、吃饭或出外旅游。Americans are warm and hospitable, put simply displayed a minute, you may be invited 1985Mister, mister, food or travel. 但一星期之后,这位朋友很可能把你忘得一干二净。But a week later, my friend is very likely that you have completely forgotten. 到美国人家去登门拜访,冒然登门是失礼的,必须事先做好约定.Go to the United States to visit people ventured door is impolite, it must first do an agreement. 就是给亲朋好友送礼,如果他们事先不知道的话,也不要直接敲门,最好把礼物放在他家门口,然后再通知他自己去取。Gifts to relatives and friends is that if they had not, then do not direct knock on the door, desirable gift on his door and then informed him to pick up.应邀去美国人家中作客或参加宴会,最好给主人带上一些小礼品,如化妆品、儿童玩具、本国特产或烟酒之类。Americans guest was invited to attend the banquet or, preferably owners to put some small gifts, such as cosmetics, children's toys, tobacco product or its like. 对家中的摆设,主人喜欢听赞赏的语言,而不愿听到询问价格的话。The furnishings of the family, the owner likes to hear appreciation of the language rather than the words heard asking price.准时守信,相当重要.。Punctual and trustworthy, very important .. 美国商人喜欢表现自己的"不正式、随和、与幽默感。能在经常说几句笑话的人 ,往往易为对方接受。美国商界流行早餐与午餐约会谈判。当你答应参加对方举办的宴会时,一定要准时赴宴,如果因特殊情况不能准时赴约,一定要打电话通知主人,并说明理由,或者告诉主人什么时间可以去。赴宴时,当女士步入客厅时,男士应该站起来,直到女士找到了位子你才可坐下。美国人在招待客人时,大多用焙牛肉、焙鸡肉,因为这些菜式受一般美国人欢迎,既方便又实惠。只要另配上一二种蔬菜、芋类及谷类,如果准备点饭后甜点,就算是大餐了。汉堡包是美国人日常食用的食品,按规定,汉堡包牛肉未脂肪含量不得超过30%.American businessmen like to express its "non-formal and easy-going, with a sense of humor. People often say a few jokes in, often easy for the other side to accept. popular breakfast and lunch talks about American business. When you promised to attend a banquet held by the other side. the meal must be timely, if not on time to meet this woman because of special circumstances, we must call the owner and explain the reason or what time to tell the owner. the meal, when the President entered the living room, men should stand up and You can find a place to sit down until the President. Americans entertain guests, mostly with baked beef, baked chicken, These dishes generally welcome the Americans because, convenience and benefit. If reprovisioning on one or two kinds of vegetables, and cereals category line, If it points Fanhoutiandian, even a meal. Americans are daily consumption of food hamburger, according to stipulations, hamburger beef fat content should not exceed 30%.自1979年1月与我国建交后,美国商人(尤其是大企业经营者)对中国市场颇有兴趣。Since diplomatic relations with China in January 1979 after the American businessman (particularly large operators) is quite interested in the Chinese market.在美国,一般浅洁的颜色受人喜欢,如牙黄色、浅绿色、浅蓝色、黄色、粉红色、浅黄褐色。In the United States, generally by people like simple and pure color, such as yellow teeth, light green, light blue, yellow, pink, light tan. 在美国很难指出那些特别高级的色彩。High in the United States is difficult to say which particular color. 很多心里学家的调查表明:一、纯色系色彩比较受欢迎;美国人的色彩爱好与购买习惯的关系,可看下面一些富于趣味的例子:The survey showed that many scientists : a heart, pure color color is quite popular. Americans love with the color of the purchasing habits, can see some interesting examples below :纽约市民喜欢白色的鸡蛋,因此在那里白色的鸡蛋常常以高价出售。The citizens of New York like the egg white, egg white, where often at a higher price. 但是,波士顿市民却喜欢红褐色的鸡蛋,一般认为红褐色鸡蛋味道鲜美,白色鸡蛋味道特殊。However, the Boston public just loves to reddish-brown eggs, it is generally thought that the reddish-brown eggs taste tasty, a special flavor of the egg white. 但是,烹调专家的看法是,白色鸡蛋要比红褐色鸡蛋好一些。However, the cooking expert view is that the reddish-brown eggs better than white eggs.近年来,美国人的饮酒习惯发生了变化,这同各国消费者饮酒习惯的变化是一致的。In recent years, a change in the drinking habits of Americans, with the change in consumer drinking habits is the same. 即从嗜好烈性深色酒转向非烈性浅色酒。Shift from hobby potent liquor potent dark light-colored liquor. 人们越来越习惯于饮用啤酒、葡萄酒和果酒。People accustomed to drinking more beer, wine and cider. 据统计,世界最大的酒类消费国美国,对烈性酒的消费正在下降。According to statistics, the United States, the world's largest liquor consumption of alcohol consumption is declining. 1975年英国威士忌在美国总消费量中占13.6%,而1985年只占11%。British whiskey in the United States in 1975 accounted for 13.6% of total consumption, but only 11% in 1985. 近10年来,美国低度酒销售量上升了约30%,美国流行一种说法“浅色酒比深色酒有益于健康。在一些地方,人们喜欢饮淡茶,而在另外一些地方,人们喜欢喝浓茶。不管是茶叶或咖啡,必须与当地的水十分调和。另外,发红的奶油或干酪,比普通的奶油和干酪受人欢迎。又如红色的大马哈鱼在有些地方畅销,而在另外一些地方由于习俗的关系,白色的大马哈鱼畅销。Nearly 10 years, the United States has a low alcohol wine sales up about 30% The United States is a common saying "light-colored wine than dark liquor wholesome. In some places, people like Dan Cha. In other places, people like to drink tea. whether it is tea or coffee, to be reconciled with the local water is. In addition, flush butter or cheese, butter and cheese than ordinary welcome. Another example is the red Chum Salmon in some places bestseller Due to the custom in other places, white Chum Salmon bestseller.绿色的龙须茶,在波士顿受到好评,而白色的龙须茶,却在芝加哥受到好评。Asparagus green tea has been well received in Boston, asparagus and white tea has been well received in Chicago. 在服装颜色方面,在美国南部,女人喜欢蓝色系,而新英格兰人由于皮肤红润,所以那里的人喜欢购买适合自己皮肤颜色的衣服。In costumes, in the south of the United States, women prefer blue line, and the New England because of ruddy skin. So where people like to buy clothes for the color of their skin. 在得克萨斯洲,圣诞节过后买淡茶色物品的人就会增加起来。Island in Texas, after Christmas to buy the goods would rise up lightly tinted. 在美国价值10美分的牙刷中,红色的约占销售量的50%,但是却没有用红色制造高级牙刷的,因为在高级牙刷中,瑚珀色取得了很大的成功,非常受人喜爱。10 cents worth of toothbrushes in the United States, the red about 50% of sales. But there is no use creating high red toothbrush, because the High toothbrushes, Kohaku color achieved a great success. very popular with fans. 另外,带蓝把的餐刀比黑把的畅销。In addition, the knives put blue than black regard bestsellers. 这是由于美国的妇女讲究厨房装饰,非常讨厌颜色单调的用具。This is because women pay attention to the kitchen decoration, hate the color monotone appliances.美国禁忌色的实例是,日本的钢笔制造厂向美国出口钢笔时,在装有银色的钢笔盒内,用紫色天鹅绒挂里儿,在美国遭到了反感。Taboo color examples of the United States, Japan's exports to the United States pen pen factory, in the pen with silver boxes. lil linked with purple velvet in the United States was disgusted. 在美国使用商品的商标,都要到美国联邦政府进行登记注册,不然你的商品会被别人冒名顶替。Use of the trademark in the United States of goods go to the federal government for registration. Otherwise you will be the value of others impostors. 销美的商品最好用公司的名称作商标,便于促销。U.S. sales of goods for the best use of the trademark name, to facilitate marketing.美国由于犹太人甚多。As many American Jews. 注意当地的犹太人节日。Attention to the Jewish holiday. 圣诞节与复活节前后两周不宜往访。Not visited two weeks before Christmas and Easter. 除6--8月多去度假外,其余时间宜往访。In addition to more 6--8 on vacation, the rest of the time, they are advised to visit.参考资料:http://zhidao.baidu.com/question/12559644.html, they generally do not arrive early,并以它作为国徽的图案。It mighty tough, it is respect for people's national bird, and as the national emblem designs. 其解释为:顶冠象征美国是一个主权国家;分握橄榄枝与箭的两爪象征和平与武力;嘴叨黄带. 他们在与互不相识的人交际时,贯于实事求是. 他们以好客著称,为了表示友好,待人接物讲礼貌, courteous attitude. 他们行动喜欢自由自在;偏爱黄色,认为是和谐的象征。Used windows started lying, and the habit of procrastination. 请美国人用餐,他们一般是不提前到达的,而是准时或迟到5至15分钟。Please American meal;热情好客有传统。Rush production table in a public place. They generally happy dinner guests in their own homes, rather than customary in the restaurant guests. 他们很健谈; expressed by a number of states comprising the United States of America. 他们比较怕热,夏天乐于在空调的房间内就餐。They are more afraid of the heat;喜欢蓝色和红色,愈真实愈好. 即使是自我介绍时。For those humble, courteous conversation is not used to see,开朗大方不单调、坦率直言。Communication with people they did not know each other、客套的表白是看不习惯的.在生活细节上有如下特点: The United States is a symbol of a sovereign state;American guests good dealings with a smile and approachable:美国人性格浪漫,认为是吉祥如意的象征。ENGLISH love white Americans that white is a symbol of purity; Amber preference that is a symbol of harmony; Like blue and red,一般都让长者和妇女坐在右边;性格浪漫喜新奇,他们一般乐于在自己家里宴请客人, speak up:美国宾客善交道

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